From the visionary mind of globally recognized Psychic, Medium, and Spiritual Healer Gary Spivey

... comes Zion Healing Crystals!

Zion Healing Crystals is the culmination of Gary Spivey's lifelong work as a Psychic,
Medium, and Spiritual Healer. Throughout his career, Gary has dedicated himself
to helping others through his communication with God and Angels. Learning all about the power of
crystals from them firsthand, he now wants to share his knowledge and healing
energy with others. With Zion Healing Crystals, you, too, can experience the
powerful healing properties of crystals firsthand.


The Zion Collection

The Zion Collection of Crystals features various gemstones and minerals from around... 



    Amethyst is a beautiful and fascinating crystal loved by crystal healers and collectors alike. This purple crystal is a variety of quartz and ranges in colour from pale lavender to deep winey purples. Amethyst is known as a master healer and is believed to heal all systems of the body. It is also believed to be a powerfully spiritual crystal aligned with the Third Eye Chakra, making it perfect for mediation and expanding consciousness. We have a great choice of amethyst healing crystals, polished amethyst crystals and amethyst clusters for your home or healing practice.


    Quartz is perhaps the most important healing crystal you can find. It is believed to channel and amplify energy, thanks to its unique helical spiral crystalline form. It is associated with energy channelling and is believed to have a huge range of healing and spiritual attributes. We have an excellent range of quartz crystals suitable for healing and energy work, as well as collectable pieces. Choose from quartz clusters, quartz points and unusual quartz varieties such as aura quartz, faden quartz and candle quartz.


    Citrine is warming, comforting and energising like the sun - a true stone of joy! It dissolves inertia, and stimulates creativity independence and a desire to move forward. Citrine is also mood lifting, and therefore used in the treatment of depression. It is sometimes referred to as the ‘merchant’s stone’, and kept in purses and shop tills, as well as in the wealth corner of the home (in Feng Shui), as it is purported to attract abundance. It can be an aid in treating digestive complaints, especially with the stomach itself, and supports filtration organs, particularly the liver, kidneys, pancreas and gall bladder. If worn with the termination pointing downwards, citrine can have a gentle grounding effect.


    Serene Prehnite is a stone of unconditional love and the crystal to heal the healer.

    It is said to induce deep meditation, enhancing prophecy and showing the way forward for spiritual growth.

    Prehnite teaches how to be in harmony with nature and the elemental forces, revitalising and renewing surroundings.


    The eye-catching shapes and colours displayed in this fine Septarian Nodule Plaque are the result of its component crystals and make a striking ornament in any space.
    Septarian is an amalgam of aragonite, brown calcite and naturally occurring concretions that retains a unique blend of their attributes.
    It is said to keep us centered in truth, open connections to the spiritual and store energy, making it a great crystal to have in your home or to give to a loved one.


    Amazonite is believed to have an extremely uplifting stone that improves self-confidence, stress and self-determination. It is said to combat self-destructive tendencies so that we can move forward.

    Choose stones by birthstone or emotion qualities to make it more personal.

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